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Where Parenting Means Connection Not Perfection

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Let us walk alongside you and support you in developing and nurturing your own capacity to be the connected and present parent you want to be.


What We’re About

Whole Family Connection


Being a parent is simultaneously the most wonderful, and most challenging experience of your life. Your limits will be pushed to new extremes, dancing around your edges constantly, it offers such a great opportunity for growth and expansion, but it is hard to see the forest for the trees sometimes.

Before you were a parent, you were an individual; your own past, experiences, history, dreams, and so on, and all of that plays a part in your parenting. Yet we, as parents, don’t often realise it. How we treat ourselves, our energy, our perspectives, all contribute to the experience of parenting we have. Those things impact our perspective, and perspective is everything.


Children aren’t born with a manual, but they are born with millions of years worth of instincts encoded in their DNA. Drives that compel them to act in very specific ways, for very specific needs, coding which is influenced by everything we do, and the environment as well.

There is no such thing as a manipulative baby, or “attention seeking” for the sake of it. Everything our babies and children do have a very specific and intentional purposes. None of which is simply to cause “trouble” or “give us a hard time,” but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t challenging for us. Our job, as parents, is to interpret our child’s behaviour and meet the underlying need.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To support parents in bringing laughter, connection, fun, presence, empathy, acceptance, and true belonging to the journey of becoming, and in being, a family.

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Play It Out

Play It Out: Peaceful Parenting Through Play

Play is inherently a process of contemplation, meaning-making and connection. Practising skills, mastering abilities, building relationships, and processing experiences. Through play a child connects with himself, with the world around her, the people in their lives, and what they have seen, heard, and felt. Knowing this we can utilise certain types of play to support children in navigating and meeting certain types of needs.

Empathy: A Language for Parents

Empathy: A Language for Parenting

Empathy is a capacity that human beings are born with. A capacity not unlike communication, learning, and building relationship; and just like these capacities, if the environment does not provide consistent examples of what this looks AND feels like in a healthy way,...
The Funnel and The Container: How Self-Regulation Develops

The Funnel and The Container: How Self-Regulation Develops

Parents and the world of parenting is given a false understanding of the development of self-regulation in children. From self-soothing, to calm corners and time outs; parents are led to believe that small children have the capacity to regulate on their own, and it is our job to teach them how to do this by force or persuasion…
The reality of self-regulation and its development is the complete opposite, of this belief.

The Needs Wheel

The Needs Wheel

It is my hope that the Needs Wheel will help people, especially parents, to better understand the underlying drive behind behaviour…Needs lead to feelings, and feelings drive behaviour, it is the difference between meeting a need and ignoring a need that makes the world of difference in who we are able to be.

Managing the Momo Monsters

Managing the Momo Monsters.   As many of you may have been made aware, a new parenting nightmare has gone viral. Fear spreads so quickly doesn’t it? The Momo challenge. For those who may not be aware the Momo challenge is supposed to be a hidden challenged...
Parenting: A New Perspective

Parenting: A New Perspective

I remember when I first had my son, I "knew" so much. I had studied, I had worked with families and children, I had done work experience in childcare, and had been around babies and children in my personal life a lot. I believed I was as prepared as they come. Not so...
Play before bed

Let’s Play! Before bed?

Oh play! I LOVE play. Play is so powerful, it is the language of babies, toddlers, and children. It is how they communicate, how they process information, how they learn a new skill, how they engage with the world, how they connect with themselves and others, and how...

Preparing For Preschool

Preparing For Preschool Last week I asked my son if he was looking forward to going to preschool ("school") the next day. He said he was. I then told him that I wouldn't be able to stay because I was sick, and I wouldn't want to make the children sick. But that he...

No Troubles Toilet “Training”

No Troubles Toilet "Training" Has the idea of toilet training sent shivers down your spine? Perhaps you have read that it is almost as difficult as getting through those sleepless nights, that are incredibly hard to navigate....

I Don’t Give My Son Chores, Teach Him Manners, or How to Share.

Yep, I don't give my son chores, teach him manners, or how to share. You probably think that I am a shocking mother who has no interest in raising my son to be a responsible, polite, and considerate. Well, I can't blame you for thinking that, however you would be...